Building a culture of learning: Allianz – a case study

This post is written by Simon Wood, Principal Consultant, Be Learning  As a learning and development consultant one of the things you tend to worry about sometimes is whether the interventions and programs you create have long-lasting impact on your client organisations. Whilst most of us in this industry consult, design and deliver based on […]

Work/Life Balancing Act Part 2

Addiction… I wonder more and more these days whether there exists some kind of mental or even physical addiction to work.  I was training a workshop recently in which one of the participants was constantly checking his Blackberry, even though I had asked everyone at the beginning of the day to turn off their phones […]

Diversity Council Australia promotes Be Learning’s Diversity Discovery Tour

Diversity Council Australia provides diversity advice and strategy to some of the most significant and influential corporate employers and business leaders across Australia. With a mission to develop diversity research and thinking, lead public debate on diversity and drive business improvement through successful diversity programs it is great that Be Learning’s Diversity Discovery Tour on […]

Discovery Tour Sydney: Diversity & Equal Opportunities

Have you been asking yourself, “Who is Be Learning?” and “just what is it they do?”… Well, luckily for you the next Be Learning Discovery Tour is now scheduled in Sydney and the theme for the event is Diversity & Equal Opportunities. This is an excellent opportunity to participate in and better understand what Be […]