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So what is ‘Transmedia’ anyway?

A blog post by Stacey Edmonds, Head of Film & Digital, Be Learning In 2010 I completed an advanced diploma in Multi-Platform Screen Production.  At the time the course was named, Multi-Platform was the ‘in’ word. Since then the term ‘Transmedia Producer’ has been accepted by Hollywood – so Transmedia became and remains the term used […]

Be Learning’s delight at showcasing at ASTD in Denver, Colorado

Be Learning recently showcased at the ASTD International Conference in Denver, Colorado.  It was great to have Miriam Tassone and Claire Jones video blog updates and news directly from the event and a taster of what they sent back is available for all to enjoy. It’s wonderfully invigorating to experience such a major industry event in […]

AITD National Conference 2012

AITD 2012 was a fabulous experience for the Be Learning team. Despite the relentless rain throughout the two days at Sydney Technology Park, a record number of delegates attended demonstrating that Australian organisation’s strongly support the innovative developments and a growing digital presence in learning. Be Learning was an integral part of AITD 2012 in […]

ASTD 2012 – One week to go….

Miriam Tassone – Director of Be Learning writes personally about her experience leading up to the ASTD Conference 2012   It is one week to go and I am excited to be making the final preparations for ASTD 2012 in Denver, Colorado. I have been  looking through the program and it is scattered with people that I have […]

A Good Call by Intermedia WorldMedia Festival… Caltex and Be Learning win Silver!

The film ‘A Good Call’  is the result of a recent partnership between Caltex and Be Learning.  It is a lightly comedic, punchy and memorable story of Bill a junior technician and his mentor Jim.  A routine job at the Refinery quickly turns into a critical emergency and the film unfolds to demonstrate correct routines […]

It’s Game On!

Have you ever been curious about how to create a workplace culture that can harness the increasing obsession we as humans have with online games? Did you know that online gamers recently deciphered the structure of an enzyme of an AIDS-like virus that has thwarted scientists for a decade? It is time to sit up, […]

Inner Life, Outer Results – March Edition

A Brett Wood Blog exploring the relationship between inner work, performance and well being   “Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.” – […]

Work/Life Balancing Act Part 1

Not too long ago I was in a car with my father dri­ving along Sus­sex Street in Syd­ney CBD at 9:30pm. We were on our way back from the the­atre after see­ing a play.  My father com­mented on a long line of taxis out­side one tall city build­ing whose offices were all lit up. The the­atre […]

Can Leaders Learn to be Resilient?

There has been a long running debate about whether leaders are born or made.Certainly the business world believes they can be made. Google ‘leadership development’ and you get over a quarter of a BILLION hits. has over 400 books tagged by customers on the subject of leadership development. In fact a whole industry has […]

Inner Life…Outer Results (October edition)

Brett Wood explores the relationship between inner work, performance and wellbeing.   Me and my Shadow   A few years back I was working in a leadership role in an Educational Institution. I had to address a difficult issue with one of my staff. She had been accused of bullying by one of her students. I […]