A Vision of Leadership Development for the 21st Century

One lovely Wednesday morning in February, a group of people, passionate about leadership, gathered together to reflect on current leadership development philosophy and practice, and to imagine what might be different in the future. The forum took place under the banner of “Phronesis” where business education professionals gather to share insights and create space for […]

Solving the Employee Motivation Puzzle

Whenever you find yourself addressing an employee motivation issue, don’t automatically assume that offering a positive reward or providing negative reinforcement will solve the puzzle.  First, ask yourself three questions. Do employees believe that their efforts will lead to successful performance? Do employees believe that their successful performance will be rewarded? Are the rewards (intrinsic […]

Stacey Takes On New York Festivals

The New York Festival’s World’s Best Television & Films are judged by award-winning directors, producers, writers, actors and this year our own head of Film and Digital, Stacey Edmonds is on the Grand Jury.  All entries are judged online by this global panel of award-winning industry experts and it is Stacey’s reputation as a leader in digital learning that […]

Creating a Learning Atmosphere

At the 2012 ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) Conference, I had the pleasure of listening to leading social psychologist, educational consultant and academic author, Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson speak about the importance of creating a learning atomsphere. She posed many great and relevant questions that impact what we do at Be Learning. Are […]

Still loving a digital learning life

“We now live in a time where every story, image, brand, relationship plays itself out across the maximum number of media platforms, the idea of taking a story from one place and putting it another is not new,” says Stacey Edmonds, Be Learning’s Head of Film and Digital. Stacey knows more about it than most […]

Self-efficacy – an Empowering Learning Catalyst for Change

One of the most empowering paths to growth and learning is self-efficacy. Claire Jones is a Principal Creative Consultant at Be Learning and a leading facilitator on the journey towards self-efficacy in the workplace. Claire recently inspired a group of clients at a joint networking event in Sydney for Be Learning and Cliftons, a leading […]

Loving a Digital Learning Life…

We are excited to announce that Be Learning has been chosen to present ‘Loving a Digital Learning Life: how to use technology and storytelling to captivate your audience!’ at America’s premier training event, the 2013 ASTD International Conference & Expo in Dallas. During the session, participants will learn how to cut through the complexity and […]

Launching LMAP 360 – Igniting Leadership Conversation

It has been a busy time since Be Learning launched the innovative LMAP 360 leadership assessment tool in Australia in October. To date we have conducted 37 trials with 14 clients and distributors across Australia including the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. The results are sparking new conversations about leadership behaviours […]

Old Habits Die Hard: What does it take for leaders to transform?

Breaking old habits that no longer serve their purpose is hard for leaders.  Not only does the leader personally need to do something different but they also have an audience of followers watching their every move.  Modifying one’s own behaviour is hard enough without having to think about the impact this change has on others!  […]