Why women need more role models in Senior Management

By Dr. Richard Carter, Partner LMAP Australia Women still only represent 10% of directors in Australia. This is not due to lack of qualifications – Women represent nearly 60% of university graduates, a trend that has been accelerating for many years. And it’s not due to lack of awareness either – study after study has […]

Mindfulness and wellbeing with Dr. Todd Kashdan

At Be Learning we love to start the day energetic and inspired and there is no better way to do this than to connect to other mind like professionals. That is why we were excited to co-sponsor a breakfast with NSW Change Professionals to introduce Dr. Todd Kashdan to Sydney siders. Dr. Todd Kashdan received […]

Actors in adult learning; a reflection

By Tenille Halliday, Principal Consultant at Be Learning. There are parents everywhere, I am sure, who dread hearing the words ‘Mum and Dad, I am going to be an actor’. The perceived instability; low employment rates; the transient nature of a career; and potential rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle all pose a very real threat to the financial […]

Increase your likeability as a leader

Seven key steps that executives can take to increase their likeability… It seems unlikely that a complex issue could be overcome by following a few simple steps. However, Harvard Business Review conducted a research project to see if this was possible. They asked 51,836 leaders to use 360 Assessments and created a likeability index based […]

Two Days, Two Cities, Two Tours…Discovery tours!

It’s 7:45 AM when the first guests arrived at our venue in the city. They had to fight their way through a thick fog today that had settled above the Sydney CBD, so we made sure we had some coffee, tea and snacks ready to enjoy. At 8:00 AM we began. The crowd moved to […]

Inspiring Positive Change in the USA – ASTD 2013

It has been an exciting few days on the other side of the Pacific. Be Learning’s US based Director Miriam Tassone and Sydney’s own Dimity MacDiarmid travelled all the way to Dallas, Texas to share our knowledge of the industry with many other great names in the learning industry during ASTD 2013. One of our […]

How to leverage digital storytelling to create innovative learning that sticks

Be Learning is gearing up to be both inspired and inspiring at this year’s ASTD International Conference and Exposition in Dallas, Texas – 19 May  through 22 May. Miriam Tassone, US based Director of Be Learning has been awarded a much sought after speaking opportunity and she will be presenting “How to Use Technology and Storytelling to captivate […]

Elevate your conversation by Unmasking Authenticity

“…but how do I demonstrate empathy?”                                     – A coachee preparing for a difficult conversation I often work with leaders who want to improve the way they handle difficult conversations. We do this thing called “Rehearse for Reality” […]

Bringing Digital Learning to Kuala Lumpur

A blog post by Deepti Sachdeva, Digital Producer/Social Media Manager at Be Learning   Stuck in the day-to-day busy-ness of doing that ‘something productive’ have you ever had that moment when you come to witness the real power of the work you do? Of course you have… We’ve all experienced those moments and know how […]

Building Self-Efficacy for Performance Discussions.. A topic no organisation should ignore

Last night in Melbourne, Be Learning delivered an engaging and interactive session on ‘Building Self-efficacy for Performance Discussions’.  The event was co-hosted with Cliftons as part of the ‘Catalyst for Change’ program. To a room full of HR Managers, L&D Specialists and Organisational Alignment Professionals, Simon Wood delivered a highly engaging session which provoked thought and provided […]