Is an executive coach the answer?

In the world of sports, any person at high-peak performance level has a coach. In order to achieve their goals, they need someone who can look them in the eye and say: ‘You’re good, but here are a couple of steps that will make you better’. An executive leader has to perform high-peak 24/7, their […]

Perhaps it’s time to turn off our smartphones

Before we walk into the office in the morning, we have finished four different conversations in three different time zones, answered three emails, tweeted two people and read uncountable status updates. Technology has progressed, we all know this, but because the improvements developed over time, most of us haven’t experience a huge impact on our […]

What’s hindering your success?

Do you ever wonder what it is that stands between you and achieving success?  Have you ever stopped and thought honestly and authentically about your life purpose and what it is you are ultimately aiming to accomplish? I recently took time out of my busy life to do just this and believe me it was […]

Design inspiration at Semi Permanent 2013

I recently attended the Semi Permanent Design Conference 2013 in Sydney. Semi Permanent is a 2 day event that brings together design professionals from around the globe to talk about their work, companies they represent, process and philosophy they embrace in their creative endeavors. Semi Permanent began in Sydney 2003 and the memories of that […]

Creating peak performance: start at the beginning

When considering how best to drive performance that delivers business results, leaders will always be confronted with how to build high performing and motivated teams that drive growth, outsmart the competition and create industry leaders. But how can we inspire everyone to perform at their best? There are plenty of theories about what motivates staff […]

18 years of history in 2 minutes

Imagine the following situation: Your business has a long and successful history of which you are proud. You want to share this story with new starters within the company and you would love for your employees to be able to read the story over and over again. But here’s a problem, how are you going […]

Mindfulness in healthcare: Value your own health

I have a friend who works as a nurse in a hospital in Sydney. Her job, in its essence, is to make people that are very sick, well again. In theory this means that when an incident occurs she applies a learning and hopes that it works. If her learning doesn’t result in a positive […]

Launch of the Safer Drivers Course for young drivers

Over the past months, Transport for NSW and Be Learning created a program to address the high risk period for young learner drivers. “The research tells us that crash rates increase when learners graduate from their learner licence to their provisional licence and this change is all about trying to prevent that trend continuing,”  -Duncan […]

Digital Storytelling 101

How to leverage technology and storytelling to create learning that sticks. By Deepti Sachdeva, Digital Producer at Be Learning, originally posted on How do we begin to design learning that will capture the essence of the content, stick with the audience, and ultimately achieve outstanding business results? The answer may be in what we […]

Be Learning supports Softacare

It is with great enthusiasm that Be Learning has swung open its doors to support Softacare, an innovative charity that delivers creative arts workshops for children in foster care and kinship care. Due to flexible working our office can be a little quiet on a Friday and what better use for our underutilised hot-desk space […]