Perhaps it’s time to turn off our smartphones

Before we walk into the office in the morning, we have finished four different conversations in three different time zones, answered three emails, tweeted two people and read uncountable status updates. Technology has progressed, we all know this, but because the improvements developed over time, most of us haven’t experience a huge impact on our […]

Digital Storytelling 101

How to leverage technology and storytelling to create learning that sticks. By Deepti Sachdeva, Digital Producer at Be Learning, originally posted on How do we begin to design learning that will capture the essence of the content, stick with the audience, and ultimately achieve outstanding business results? The answer may be in what we […]

iPad2… for the love of mobile learning.

Be Learning are very excited about the iPad2.  We’ve had in depth discussions on how it is impacting our lives and we’ve daydreamed about programming productive apps utilising the new dual camera feature… iPads are revolutionising how we are delivering learning experiences and we are motivated to further leverage the learning power. As a starting point… Create […]