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18 years of history in 2 minutes

Imagine the following situation: Your business has a long and successful history of which you are proud. You want to share this story with new starters within the company and you would love for your employees to be able to read the story over and over again. But here’s a problem, how are you going […]

Launch of the Safer Drivers Course for young drivers

Over the past months, Transport for NSW and Be Learning created a program to address the high risk period for young learner drivers. “The research tells us that crash rates increase when learners graduate from their learner licence to their provisional licence and this change is all about trying to prevent that trend continuing,”  -Duncan […]

Bringing Digital Learning to Kuala Lumpur

A blog post by Deepti Sachdeva, Digital Producer/Social Media Manager at Be Learning   Stuck in the day-to-day busy-ness of doing that ‘something productive’ have you ever had that moment when you come to witness the real power of the work you do? Of course you have… We’ve all experienced those moments and know how […]

Loving a Digital Learning Life…

We are excited to announce that Be Learning has been chosen to present ‘Loving a Digital Learning Life: how to use technology and storytelling to captivate your audience!’ at America’s premier training event, the 2013 ASTD International Conference & Expo in Dallas. During the session, participants will learn how to cut through the complexity and […]

So what is ‘Transmedia’ anyway?

A blog post by Stacey Edmonds, Head of Film & Digital, Be Learning In 2010 I completed an advanced diploma in Multi-Platform Screen Production.  At the time the course was named, Multi-Platform was the ‘in’ word. Since then the term ‘Transmedia Producer’ has been accepted by Hollywood – so Transmedia became and remains the term used […]

AITD National Conference 2012

AITD 2012 was a fabulous experience for the Be Learning team. Despite the relentless rain throughout the two days at Sydney Technology Park, a record number of delegates attended demonstrating that Australian organisation’s strongly support the innovative developments and a growing digital presence in learning. Be Learning was an integral part of AITD 2012 in […]

Be Learning experiments with music and songs for learning

Did you know that one of the oldest human artefacts ever found is a Slovenian bone flute from an extinct European bear carbon dated at an impressive fifty thousand years? Music, like education has been around since the beginning of time and one of the reasons that Be Learning is interested in exploring music and […]

Going Social at Trade Show Events

Be Learning’s Top 10 tips for using Social Media during Tradeshows and Conferences This week Be Learning will be showcasing at the 2012 AITD National Conference. We are passionate about using social media to build connections with our clients and associates. We believe in the power of conversations! Our resident social media whiz kid Deepti Sachdeva will be […]

Infographics: The BETTER Effects of The BIGGER Picture!

Infographics: The BETTER Effects of The BIGGER Picture!

Adding images and graphics to online content has been popular forever. A lot of new-age content online is now completely done by way of ‘infographics’. So what are these infographics? To put it really simply, it is ‘Information represented in the form of graphics’. These are used mostly when a lot of complex information is […]