Storytelling cuts through distraction and helps connect

At Be Learning we have spent the last eight years using storytelling techniques to drive organisational change. Increasingly the REAL and PROFOUND affect of storytelling is being recognised with all its vastness. In Western Society where theatre and film has been sidelined as entertainment we need reminding more and more about how to use storytelling’s […]

“The way we learn should relate to the way we live”

In the last blog post, we uncovered the core reason SCORM restricts the creation of modern digital learning experiences that truly engage users.In this post we look at how Be Learning are handling the modern digital learning vs SCORM conversation with our clients by addressing the heart of the issue – The user. To paraphrase […]

Why is official online learning still so… official?

Today, people use the internet anywhere, at any time, to do everyday things – Banking and paying bills, groceries and shopping, and of course social interaction. The internet has also advanced self-taught learning. People access facts and figures through sites and tools such as Wikipedia, YouTube, blogs, infographics, and podcasts. More planned learning is also […]

What am I going to do with all this content?

Maybe you’ve got a team of new employees that need to be inducted, with literally hundreds of products, plans, pricing structures and processes that they have to learn. Or maybe there is a new workplace diversity and flexibility policy that needs to be rolled out to your people leaders. Maybe your company has just released a […]

How to successfully engage learners

Let’s face it, folks today are pretty media savvy. No matter the delivery method, we are surrounded by an onslaught of mass media during our working hours and even during our leisure time. But despite the role that say the internet, television, digital games, social networking etc, have in the way we build and share […]

Why are infographics so effective in learning?

Infographics are everywhere – we are flooded by them through social media. Even though it might seem like it, they are not a new concept. They have been around since people started to publish their work. As a matter of fact, the first time an infograph was used was in 1626, by Christoph Scheiner to […]