Employee Motivation

Building a culture of learning: Allianz – a case study

This post is written by Simon Wood, Principal Consultant, Be Learning  As a learning and development consultant one of the things you tend to worry about sometimes is whether the interventions and programs you create have long-lasting impact on your client organisations. Whilst most of us in this industry consult, design and deliver based on […]

Increase productivity: beat the ‘Friday mindset’

It’s quiet in the office. The sun is out and most of your co-workers are browsing through Facebook, staring out of the window or are very busy doing something else completely random and not necessarily work related. The scene that we just described is an average Friday in most cooperation’s in Australia. As soon as […]

How to engage Generation Y in your learning?

Slowly but surely generation Y is taking over the workforce. They are the fastest growing demographic in the market. By 2025, they will comprise 75% of the workforce. The experienced Baby Boomers will retire over time. With more Millennials coming into the business, learning and development programs need to be reshaped to engage with them. […]

Three effective communication behaviours

Knowing how to communicate is critical when it comes to good leadership.  Great leaders know that it’s more than choosing the right words; they have learned that effective communication must take into account non-verbal communication and how authentically it is delivered. Good communication from the top will inspire everyone else in the office to communicate […]

Is an executive coach the answer?

In the world of sports, any person at high-peak performance level has a coach. In order to achieve their goals, they need someone who can look them in the eye and say: ‘You’re good, but here are a couple of steps that will make you better’. An executive leader has to perform high-peak 24/7, their […]

Creating peak performance: start at the beginning

When considering how best to drive performance that delivers business results, leaders will always be confronted with how to build high performing and motivated teams that drive growth, outsmart the competition and create industry leaders. But how can we inspire everyone to perform at their best? There are plenty of theories about what motivates staff […]

Bringing Digital Learning to Kuala Lumpur

A blog post by Deepti Sachdeva, Digital Producer/Social Media Manager at Be Learning   Stuck in the day-to-day busy-ness of doing that ‘something productive’ have you ever had that moment when you come to witness the real power of the work you do? Of course you have… We’ve all experienced those moments and know how […]

Building Self-Efficacy for Performance Discussions.. A topic no organisation should ignore

Last night in Melbourne, Be Learning delivered an engaging and interactive session on ‘Building Self-efficacy for Performance Discussions’.  The event was co-hosted with Cliftons as part of the ‘Catalyst for Change’ program. To a room full of HR Managers, L&D Specialists and Organisational Alignment Professionals, Simon Wood delivered a highly engaging session which provoked thought and provided […]

Solving the Employee Motivation Puzzle

Whenever you find yourself addressing an employee motivation issue, don’t automatically assume that offering a positive reward or providing negative reinforcement will solve the puzzle.  First, ask yourself three questions. Do employees believe that their efforts will lead to successful performance? Do employees believe that their successful performance will be rewarded? Are the rewards (intrinsic […]