Storytelling cuts through distraction and helps connect

campfireAt Be Learning we have spent the last eight years using storytelling techniques to drive organisational change. Increasingly the REAL and PROFOUND affect of storytelling is being recognised with all its vastness. In Western Society where theatre and film has been sidelined as entertainment we need reminding more and more about how to use storytelling’s latent power as a tool to bring us together to connect us to a purpose.

Our experience working with organisations in the field of change has taught us that it’s almost impossible to change someone’s mind unless we first understand how they see the world. More often than not stories help us do just that. Humanising issues through the use of a compelling narrative promotes connectivity through emotional affiliation with the content and effectively engages people in conversation! The power of narrative to mould our minds is no longer attributed to being just for fun.

In the first of this three-part series, author Jonathan Gottschall discusses how to pin down the wandering mind in an increasingly distracting world using the power of narrative.

Stories have the power to numb us, to control us and to make us more creative depending on how we use them.