What am I going to do with all this content?

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 4.28.42 PMMaybe you’ve got a team of new employees that need to be inducted, with literally hundreds of products, plans, pricing structures and processes that they have to learn. Or maybe there is a new workplace diversity and flexibility policy that needs to be rolled out to your people leaders.

Maybe your company has just released a new set of values and everyone in the organisation is going to be taken through them in a series of workshops.

Maybe it’s simply time to refresh your workplace skill building models.

The one thing that these disparate situational needs have in common is content. Lots of content. In these instances you can be faced with literally mountains of raw material – data, policies, stakeholder directives – that need to be interpreted into a learning program.

When you want to bring all of that raw material to life as an effective and compelling learning experience, you need an innovative and creative solution that includes smart and targeted instructional design.

The skill of instructional design (ID) lies in interpreting and translating the often complex and exhaustive content into a meaningful learning interaction for the end-user. To this aim, the instructional design process must be able to visualise the experience from the perspective of the learner and create scaffolded opportunities within the finished product for the learner to explore the content without having it overwhelm them.

The instructional design process is critical to the development of a successful learning experience. Not only does the ID team collaborate with the stakeholders, SME’s and project leads to distil the raw content into a compelling learning product, but they also create much of the physical material that will be used by the trainers and learners, whether that be participant workbooks, facilitator guides, slide packs or digital copy.

Employing a quality instructional designer team is a big step towards the delivery of an engaging learning experience and one of the best ways that you can turn all of those reams of raw content and data into a meaningful and compelling package that will achieve your learning outcomes.

Be Learning combines a wealth of ID experience with a market-leading, innovative approach to the delivery of human performance solutions. Our successful formula for driving an uplift in performance and growth ensures that all of our learning experiences are designed to engage and excite the participants and achieve optimal results for our clients.

This post is written by Saul Darby, Consultant, Be Learning