What’s hindering your success?

brain_think_behavioral changeDo you ever wonder what it is that stands between you and achieving success?  Have you ever stopped and thought honestly and authentically about your life purpose and what it is you are ultimately aiming to accomplish?

I recently took time out of my busy life to do just this and believe me it was an invigorating and enlightening process and something that we should all do on a regular basis as part of our own personal learning journey.

According to Carol Dweck, leading expert and Stanford University Professor of Psychology and author of the bestselling book MindSet, creating the motivation to achieve our success in our lives, at work and in our relationships starts with a very simple idea and that idea is our mindset. As a result of ground breaking research about motivation and productivity, Carol explains why most people don’t achieve their full potential.  Studies show that success is a direct result of our mindset and she identifies two key states; growth mindset and fixed mindset.  If we are operating with a growth mindset then we assume that any task can be accomplished with new skills and that these skills can be gained through a deliberate process of learning.  Alternatively when we operate with a fixed mindset we assume that our talents, such as our musical capability for example simply exists or does not.

In my case, I have come to understand that accomplishing my goals and fulfilling my life purpose requires effort on my behalf.  These things won’t just happen but through dedication and continually working away at my goals, I now believe that there is nothing new that I can’t learn and no goal that I can’t accomplish over time.  What I have come to understand is that when something isn’t working out the way I would have liked or I’m not creating the impact I had hoped for then I need to find another way of addressing the problem.  I have learnt that each positive step I make is progress and that failure to achieve the tasks I set for myself is not a failure of the whole goal but a signal to me that I need another way of approaching the problem.  This is a dramatic shift in my mindset as I have come to believe that my success is directly linked to how I approach an issue and maintaining this believe in my ability to change has a direct impact on achieving that new goal.  Susan Mackie, Be Learning’s COO recently summed it up by saying ‘the more you struggle, the more you wire, the more you fire the more you create those deep neural connections and pathways’.

I urge everyone to take some time from the busyness of life and consider how is your mindset affecting your success?

Blog post by Karissa Fletcher, Head of Marketing