Increase productivity: beat the ‘Friday mindset’

Motivation on FridayIt’s quiet in the office. The sun is out and most of your co-workers are browsing through Facebook, staring out of the window or are very busy doing something else completely random and not necessarily work related. The scene that we just described is an average Friday in most cooperation’s in Australia. As soon as the end of the week kicks in, employees check out, activating their ‘Friday mindset’. Research shows that Friday isn’t our most productive day and throughout the years we have come to peace with this phenomenon, accepting it for what is it.

Four-day week?
So what if you don’t want to accept this ‘Friday mindset’ any longer? What if you want everybody in the office to get the best out of all their work days? How do you make this happen? You’re not willing to accept the ‘Friday mindset’ but you also don’t want to be the one that ruins the atmosphere in the office. Some companies decided to introduce a four-day week, where employees work from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Thursday, providing the luxury of having Fridays off. It gives workers the freedom to stay up to date with things, do research, spend time with their family and recharge. The results have never been measured but those working a four-day week say it makes people more capable to hit the ground running on Monday.

It’s teamwork!
Of course, the four-day week is not for everyone. You can motivate your employees to do more, even when they are in the office five days a week. The easiest way to start is by using the mindset of your employees to reconnect with each other. Plan a little team building, go out for a lunch and celebrate the victories of the week. This will improve teamwork which will eventually lead to better results. Another thing that you could consider is rescheduling your team check-ins from the beginning of the week to the end of the week. Debrief the week and schedule priorities for the upcoming week. This way, your team knows exactly where to start on Monday. On top of that, you have just avoided the ‘Friday mindset’ and the Monday Blues.

Beating it
As harsh as it may sound, the weekend is there for a reason. Friday is a workday like any other. A change in approach could result in better motivated employees… even when there is a ‘Friday mood’ in the office.