Creating peak performance: start at the beginning

Better Performance in your companyWhen considering how best to drive performance that delivers business results, leaders will always be confronted with how to build high performing and motivated teams that drive growth, outsmart the competition and create industry leaders.

But how can we inspire everyone to perform at their best? There are plenty of theories about what motivates staff to improve performance: financial incentives, opportunities for challenge and achievement, the need for affiliation and power. Other ideas are more focused on an individual’s perspective of organisational purpose, alignment of business processes or business strategy. They all have some part to play.

At Be Learning we think that if you want to uplift performance you should start by building the self-efficacy of your people. Self-efficacy is an individual’s confidence in their ability to complete any given task. It is intrinsically linked with the belief that we can control what we do and how we do it, not only in a work situation but also with respect to other events in our lives. It occurs when we believe good performance will make a difference and eventually lead to successful business or personal outcomes.

Increased self-efficacy at work allows employees to set more challenging goals which in turn improves motivation. Individuals will feel more engaged and because of that, they will put in more effort which lifts personal and team performance. Building self-efficacy in organisations is key to business success and it is a great place to start when it comes to lifting high performance within individuals.

Have you ever thought about these simple ideas for building self-efficacy?

  • Create a history of success. Put yourself and your teams in situations where success is likely and increase the difficulty slowly.
  • Accept failures as part of the process and try again.
  • Create realistic goals for individuals and teams as this will increase self-efficacy once goals are achieved.

Feeling inspired?
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