Be Learning supports Softacare


It is with great enthusiasm that Be Learning has swung open its doors to support Softacare, an innovative charity that delivers creative arts workshops for children in foster care and kinship care.

Due to flexible working our office can be a little quiet on a Friday and what better use for our underutilised hot-desk space than to offer it up to a 100% volunteer run charity organisation that is working to empower children to develop healthy self-expression and confidence through hands on experience of creative arts and performance.

We are so pleased to be able to support Softacare and provide a place for their team to collaborate and work together in a professional way with access to desks, printers and other equipment.

Softacare has inspired our staff too and many are volunteering their personal time for the upcoming Xpress Program Event on Saturday 24th August where volunteers interact with children and assist in the running of the creative arts workshop sessions.

For further information about Softacare or if you would like to volunteer, contact Wendy John at or check out their website and see the