18 years of history in 2 minutes

Digital storytelling

Imagine the following situation: Your business has a long and successful history of which you are proud. You want to share this story with new starters within the company and you would love for your employees to be able to read the story over and over again. But here’s a problem, how are you going to do that? You can’t trust word of mouth, as facts will be lost, but you don’t want to email another word document either.

The situation just described is common within many organisations. The Italian non- profit organisation EMERGENCY has created a lovely solution for this problem, which is an excellent example of engaging storytelling in the digital age. It’s called ’18 years of history in 2 minutes’ and does exactly what the title says: It guides you through the history of the organisation in just two minutes.

We absolutely adore this example of storytelling! Have a look for yourself.