Two Days, Two Cities, Two Tours…Discovery tours!

It’s 7:45 AM when the first guests arrived at our venue in the city. They had to fight their way through a thick fog today that had settled above the Sydney CBD, so we made sure we had some coffee, tea and snacks ready to enjoy.

Melbourne team Be Learning

A warm welcome by the Melbourne team

At 8:00 AM we began. The crowd moved to the room where Jo Kerrigan, Director and Founder delivered a warm welcome. ‘We invite you on an experience, a discovery tour, an insight into what we do’ she said. The crowd listened as Jo introduced them to our values and how we engage with our clients and how we approach each learning opportunity as a unique experience. She explained the principles of Open Progress™ and introduced a technique we use with many of our clients called ‘Forum Theatre’.

In Forum Theatre we use a scene to reflect back a typical situation in the workplace. Two actors (played by Wendy John and Kevin McIsaac) came up to the front and immediately a stage was created where they played out a typical conversation between a senior manager and their direct report. The scene is something that is common and was very recognizable for our guests seated in the room. Our facilitator, Gina Zoia then asked them to discuss the characters and coach them throughout the next scene.

Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre in action

It was then time for a little more insight into the world of Film & Digital at Be Learning. The crowd was shown an award winning film we recently created for Caltex. We were then led on a virtual induction tour…LIVE. Throughout this session, participants were impressed with the case studies shown to them of recent programs delivered by the digital team. Many sited the digital demonstrations as the highlight of the event.

Participants witnessed and commented on the “the power of forum theatre” and particularly enjoyed “seeing the blending of technology in learning”. Another had remarked Be Learning’s capability as “very impressive”.

At this point, everybody was ready for a fresh cuppa and a bite to eat. Morning tea was served and our guests had the chance to talk to the Be Learning Team, clients who have worked with us before and other interesting industry peers.

It was then time to get a taste of the LMAP360 feedback tool We showed our LMAP film, talked about the LMAP leadership experience and participants had the chance to talk to a number of people who had been through the LMAP process to ask questions and find out more.

Discovery Tour

Time for morning tea! Yum!

Before everyone left the building, we asked our guest to check out, a formality we use often at Be Learning and offer them a chance to share what they experienced. “I think you just provided a potential answer!” said one of our guests addressing an issue the company had been working on for a while. This was a beautiful compliment and an amazing way to end the day.

So as not to disappoint our Melbourne based clients and contacts we also offered a Discovery Tour in central Melbourne last week. The energy in the room and the inspirational people that attended the session made the experience memorable for all. If you couldn’t make it this time to learn more about what Be Learning does, there is no need to worry; we are already working on folllowing Discovery Tour events to be held later in the year.

Stay tuned for more!