Bringing Digital Learning to Kuala Lumpur

A blog post by Deepti Sachdeva, Digital Producer/Social Media Manager at Be Learning


Stuck in the day-to-day busy-ness of doing that ‘something productive’ have you ever had that moment when you come to witness the real power of the work you do?

Of course you have… We’ve all experienced those moments and know how empowering and enlightening they can be!

Deepti Sachdeva, Digital Producer/Social Media Manager at Be Learning taking the participants through her experiences creating digital learning

Stacey  and I experienced a similar moment of truth recently at a workshop we held at the Trainers Meet Trainers Conference in Kuala Lumpur. And I believe that such experiences are worth sharing because they speak of the power of believing in the work we do as Learning & Development folk.

Often the digital world is perceived by L&D professionals as a complex web of new technologies, endless content and competing priorities impacting the delivery of effective learning outcomes. However, at Be Learning we have constantly proved, there are simple and effective ways to cut through the complexity and to design and deliver creative and digital story driven learning.

At this workshop delivered to a packed room of learning professionals at The Park Royal, it soon became clear that an interactive learning journey using storytelling, reflective thinking and real-time design, tailored to the audience can achieve outstanding business results.

The workshop was booked out with over 35 participants attending the full day session. In keeping with what we do at Be Learning we provided insight on topics such as

  • What do you mean by Storytelling?
  • What do I know about the Digital Learning Landscape?
  • What do you mean by Multi-Platform Learning?
  • What are Multiple Platforms?
  • How do I design and deliver digital content for multiple platforms?

Stacey Edmonds, Head of Film & Digital at Be Learning introducing the participants to the power of story

Throughout the day, the energy and enthusiasm was contagious.  Participants were so receptive and interested in the group work, they were hesitant to take the scheduled session breaks!  The outcome was that many of them used themes of social good and community to drive stories across multiple platforms that would engage audiences.

On a more personal level, Stacey and I were thrilled to support and provide learning to such an extraordinary group of professionals that embraced new ideas and concepts and prepared for the adoption of new ways of working back in their work environments.

Following the experience in Kuala Lumpur we have come back to our own workplace feeling even more motivated than before to make content engaging, relevant, meaningful and collaborative. Belief in the power of story and creativity is at the heart of everything we do – The power to believe in taking learning beyond powerpoints and learning management systems and into the world of characters and content that touch both the heart and mind alike.

Further Information

Be Learning were invited to attend and deliver a Workshop and a Keynote Speech at the Trainers Meet Trainers Conference in Kuala Lumpur during February 2013.  Stacey Edmonds, Head of Film and Digital delivered a keynote speech to more than 250 people on the ‘Gamification of Learning and why is has and will always work’.

Should you like further information on either of these topics, please don’t hesitate to contact the Film and Digital team at Be Learning.