Loving a Digital Learning Life…

We are excited to announce that Be Learning has been chosen to presentLoving a Digital Learning Life: how to use technology and storytelling to captivate your audience!’ at America’s premier training event, the 2013 ASTD International Conference & Expo in Dallas.

During the session, participants will learn how to cut through the complexity and experience first-hand how to design and deliver digital story-driven learning.

Often the digital world is perceived as a complex web of options. When it comes to learning there is a vast range of content types and technologies available to choose from.  How do you begin to design what is going to work best for the audience, the learning outcomes, and ultimately achieve outstanding results for your business?

Do you want to know more about this event or would you like to learn more about this exciting topic, then please contact our Head of Film and Digital – Stacey Edmonds or call Be Learning on 02 9383 4280.