Launching LMAP 360 – Igniting Leadership Conversation

It has been a busy time since Be Learning launched the innovative LMAP 360 leadership assessment tool in Australia in October. To date we have conducted 37 trials with 14 clients and distributors across Australia including the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. The results are sparking new conversations about leadership behaviours in these organisations and participant feedback has been exceptionally positive.  All have completed one on one coaching sessions, begun discussions about their own leadership behaviours, and logged personal development goals in preparation for their Pulse Survey follow-up in the New Year.

What will 2013 bring?
We are excited to be exploring the evolution of LMAP 360 in Australia and will be running creative sessions in February with our associates from Yale University and select clients to influence the development of what learning products might be available to business leaders of the future.

Would you like to join this leadership debate?

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How you behave as a leader?
  • How do others perceive your behaviour?
  • And, how can you make more informed decisions on what behaviours you choose to use in the future?

If this has got you thinking, we would like to invite you to join the LMAP 360 conversation.
Please contact
Lee-Anne Carson or visit our website.

What makes LMAP 360 different?
“LMAP is one the most sound, accurate and constructive of all assessment instruments. I have worked with firms on top leadership assessment for 32 years and this tool provides the most useful behavioural insights of any …” Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Yale School of Management

Created by Ron A. Warren PhD, a globally-renowned developer of 360 assessment and coaching programs, LMAP 360 is designed to inspire leaders and raise their interconnectedness. It measures interpersonal behaviours, competency, experience and intellect and is unique in its measurement of personality traits linked to leadership effectiveness, whilst its personalised narrative reports are designed specifically to emulate a coaching conversation.

What are people already saying about LMAP 360?

“I highly recommend the Be Learning LMAP 360 survey because it requires written comment from respondents which makes people think very carefully about the leadership style of the person being assessed. Knowing what my manager, direct reports and peers think of me was an extremely positive experience and has provided me with the inspiration to improve.”

“LMAP, unlike many other 360 feedback tools, uses plain English and provides rich, accessible data for self-improvement.”

“I found the LMAP process straight forward and easy to complete. My feedback session was delivered honestly with my best interest at heart.”

“I would most definitely recommend LMAP above other tools as it made me feel like an individual rather than a result in a report.  The feedback sessions were professional, flowed with my requirements rather than sticking to a set agenda and the report was highly detailed and actionable.”