Be Learning experiments with music and songs for learning

Did you know that one of the oldest human artefacts ever found is a Slovenian bone flute from an extinct European bear carbon dated at an impressive fifty thousand years? Music, like education has been around since the beginning of time and one of the reasons that Be Learning is interested in exploring music and songs in learning.

Imagine communication skills workshop where instead of jumping straight into good old ‘open and closed questions’ technique, participants listened to a song…

To see what we mean check out Be Learning’s Principal Consultant and Singer/Songwriter Brett Robin Wood on YouTube. Here’s a preview:

Inscribed in the psyche of Be Learning is the desire to bring creativity to the way in which we as humans learn. We are passionate about the relationship between engagement and action. We genuinely believe that creating an emotional reaction to learning through laughter, fun, enjoyment and happiness will engage people’s hearts and minds and inspire them to make positive change directly impacting business results.

Be Learning provide creative learning experiences for organisations with the aim to build a high performing business culture where there is dignity, meaning and fulfilment as well as the ever important bottom line result. We believe the use of music and song is a genius way to wake-up people in their learning, get their hearts engaged, as well as their heads, stimulate thinking and feeling to provoke lively discussion leading to insight rather than just old habits of thinking recycled.

Come on a journey with us and learn more about how music and conversation can help your people move from problem to possibility.

Contact Be Learn­ing’s Principal and Singer/Songwriter Brett Robin Wood on 02 9383 4280 or email at

If you would like to enjoy some more Brett Robin Wood music, you can hear it or buy it on itunes.