Be Learning’s delight at showcasing at ASTD in Denver, Colorado

Be Learning recently showcased at the ASTD
International Conference
in Denver, Colorado.  It was great to have Miriam Tassone and Claire Jones video blog updates and news directly from the event and a taster of what they sent back is available for all to enjoy.

It’s wonderfully invigorating to experience such a major industry event in a location like Denver and this was no exception for Miriam and Claire as is obvious from the fervour and enthusiasm brimming from these clips.



Miriam Tassone presents Be Learning at ASTD 2012

It’s Day 1 and Miriam blogs about the wonderful feeling of success after a long day of introducing Be Learning to a captive audience at ASTD 2012.  She speaks of the really great feedback that she received when delegates enjoyed the music, loved our brand imagery and laughed at the humour in our films. Miriam was especially proud to be introducing the idea of self-efficacy in learning to the US market.

Jim Collins inspires an audience of 10,000 at ASTD 2012

Miriam Tassone speaks about Jim Collins, author of ‘Good to Great’ and ‘Great by Choice’.  Miriam was thrilled to see learning and development legend present the distinction between good companies and great companies.  He inspired her with his thoughts on how the most successful leaders thrive in a chaotic environment due to their consistent methods and planned but innovative creativity.  Jim Collins – Keynote speaker at ASTD 2012 in Denver, Colorado.

Claire Jones on Day 2 of ASTD 2012 

Claire Jones expresses her pure delight she experienced from attending John Kao’s presentation at the ASTD 2012 conference.  John Kao believes in opening up new ideas with music and he describes how innovation can be drawn from the principals of jazz.  Mr Kao is fabulous to listen to and he presents the difference between innovation and creativity and how it is innovation that creates organisational transformation.  John Kao is an author, pianist and accomplished in the field of education.  He is currently an advisor to Senator Hilary Clinton in San Francisco.

Be Learning presents back on the final day of ASTD 2012

It’s the final day at the ASTD 2012 National Conference and amidst the mass of technology on offer for Learning Professionals at the event, it was evident to Be Learning that regardless of the technology platform, it is good design and entertaining content that connects us and take us forward beyond 2012.  This blog is brought to you by Miriam Tassone, Director of Be Learning.