ASTD 2012 – One week to go….

Miriam Tassone – Director of Be Learning writes personally about her experience leading up to the ASTD Conference 2012


It is one week to go and I am excited to be making the final preparations for ASTD 2012 in Denver, Colorado. I have been  looking through the program and it is scattered with people that I have read, taught and wrote programs around during my career as a Learning and Development Consultant.

Archive Picture of Our Booth at ASTD Conference 2011
Archive Picture of Our Booth at the ASTD Conference and Exposition 2011

In particular, I will be fascinated to listen to Jim Collins, one of the keynote speakers who is of great interest to me as I integrated the learning from his book ‘Good to Great’ into a leadership game I designed when I first began my L&D career.  I have read and reread his book several times and it will be a thrill to finally meet him in person after all these years.

I am really excited about our booth and having the opportunity to meet a whole new community of practitioners and present Be Learning to the US market. 

We are looking forward to having some fun and spreading some new ideas.  Look out for my video blogs from the event and tweets about hot topics from talks and seminars that I am attending.

Watch this space and I’ll speak to you again from ASTD! – Miriam Tassone

ASTD = American Society of Training and Development