AITD National Conference 2012

Liz Norris, General Manager and Karissa Fletcher, Marketing Manager at the Be Learning booth at AITD 2012

AITD 2012 was a fabulous experience for the Be Learning team. Despite the relentless rain throughout the two days at Sydney Technology Park, a record number of delegates attended demonstrating that Australian organisation’s strongly support the innovative developments and a growing digital presence in learning.

Be Learning was an integral part of AITD 2012 in various ways. Of course we were showcasing our creative learning offerings, however we were equally keen to participate, learn and network with other like-minded professionals. We passionately tweeted throughout and we were keen to capture and play back the entire experience through our social media forums.

Stacey Edmonds showcased her deep-expertise and passion around Online Games for Learning to a packed house. In true Stacey style, her presentation was informative, thought provoking and gift wrapped with her quirky and fun sense of humor. The audience asked countless questions that opened the floor to rich valuable discussions and new perspectives on game mechanics and how games can be used for learning. Stacey used real examples which allowed the audience to connect to how this actually could become the future in their workplace (and it’s closer than you think!)

Here is Stacey’s inspiring presentation. To access notes please see the presentation on Slideshare.

We also created this teaser trailer for AITD… do tell us your thoughts on the same.

Many of the Be Learning team attended AITD and with so many fabulous sessions to choose from we used the divide and conquer strategy to ensure we participated across all three categories at the conference; Learning Strategy, Training Techniques and Technology & Resources.

Other highlights of the event were;

Dr Roger Collins on ‘Reinventing professions to remain relevant and impactful’. Dr Collins challenged the future of the most fundamental aspect of any profession, our identity. He questioned, “Is the Learning & Development approach suitable for the future? Is what got us here, going to get us there? Are our roles in Learning what they need to be?”

Charles Jennings gave us ‘Alice Through the 70:20:10 Looking Glass’ The 70:20:10 model is compartmentalised as:
-70% learn & develop through experience
-20% learn & develop through others
-10% learn & develop through structured programs & courses

Dr. Jason Fox and Dr. Amantha Imber facilitated an interactive afternoon on ‘Innovation & Games’. The duo was enthusiastic, intelligent, thought-provoking and successfully used activities to bring to life the value of games and the power of an effective and unique approach to innovation.

Be Learning were thrilled to be part of such a successful; gathering Learning & Development professionals from all over the Asia-Pacific region. There is so much potential and value in the work we do every day and it is through this collective power of people that Australian businesses will continue to grow, innovate and thrive into the future.