Going Social at Trade Show Events

Be Learning’s Top 10 tips for using Social Media during Tradeshows and Conferences

This week Be Learning will be showcasing at the 2012 AITD National Conference. We are passionate about using social media to build connections with our clients and associates. We believe in the power of conversations! Our resident social media whiz kid Deepti Sachdeva will be at AITD capturing the whole event in real time.

Here are some of our Top Tips for harnessing the power of social media during sales and marketing events such as the AITD conference:

1. Commenting is the new way to communicate – comment on the tradeshow event pages and connect with the Event Organiser’s social media pages.

2.Tweet about the reasons attendees should visit your booth! Tell them about the value-adds, products, competitions, freebies. All things that they are interested in.

3.Use Facebook and Twitter to encourage conversations with clients, customers and other interested parties prior to, during and post your marketing event or conference.

4. Don’t make it just about you! Share relevant information on highlights of the event such as interesting workshops, seminars and keynote speakers. Building awareness is the key.

5. Use Slideshare to post presentations by your subject matter experts. Share your deck on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin!

6.Use social media tools to highlight what is new and up and coming in your industry. Open the discussion for new ideas and thoughts to be debated amongst your industry peers. Share the knowledge!

7.Harness the power of video by creating pre-show promotions and teaser-trailers that can be shared on YouTube. ‘Viral content’ is the buzzword -tap into its unlimited power!

8. Run online competitions during the event to increase traffic to your website and social media pages. Give people a reason to ‘follow’ and ‘like’ you!

9. Utilise social media tools to continue the conversations and connect with new contacts and potential leads after the event.

10. Create audio, video and photography showcasing the event highlights and people and share these through your social media.

11. Blog about your exhibit. Include who is attending, who will be speaking and what is unique about your offering.

12. Harness the power of Linkedin to connect with new people you meet for follow up – make lasting mutually beneficial relationships. Start new discussions on topics of interest relevant to your industry. Encourage you client managers to do the same.

13. Curate content on subjects that you want to build awareness around. Give people a reason to ‘follow’ and ‘like’ you!

14. Get everyone in your company involved! The more the merrier!

Follow us on Twitter @BeLearning and our Facebook page for updates from the ground at the AITD conference on April 18 & 19!

Hope to see you all there!