iPad2… for the love of mobile learning.

Be Learning are very excited about the iPad2.  We’ve had in depth discussions on how it is impacting our lives and we’ve daydreamed about programming productive apps utilising the new dual camera feature…

iPads are revolutionising how we are delivering learning experiences and we are motivated to further leverage the learning power.

As a starting point…

  • Create online learning apps-yes, it is time that organisations look into this with seriousness. A zillion myths around apps costing $70000 were broken recently when a Sydney 17 year old lad created a parking app that is now topping the
    list as one the  most downloaded app on iTunes
    Like to review more apps? Check out here
  • Induction and upskilling: How about an app that creates business efficiency and a more effective use of resources? A new employee is given an iPad on their first day and are oriented on the move, multi-media enabled and geo-located…  Simple yet effective.
  • Synchronous online learning: Yes, yes, yes! The iPad2 has the ‘eye’ (aka camera J ) for it. With the iPad2 we can be
    online face to face (face time or using apps such as WebEx for ipad, also makes sharing files and materials amongst colleagues easy
  • Augmented Reality is the future: we take our up-skilling very seriously and hence the move to iPad2 as a learning too is essential because otherwise, we will not know when the future will be a thing of the present – Augmented reality  is the future of learning and will be fully ensconced in our everyday learning experiences very soon…

Despite, the innumerable benefits that the iPad2 comes with, the air of scepticism around it not being compatible with Flash is the most frustrating of them all and had held us back for a long time. Well, there is a solution for that as well as some great minds have put their heads together and come up with an app for that too.

So, a revolution is upon us. We believe…
1.    iPad2 itself will not revolutionise learning & development, our motivation to leverage the technology ‘for good’ will

2.    iPad2 will add to our rich and varied smorgasbord of learning delivery methods available.

3.    iPad2 is not a toy and your business cannot afford to wait until times are flush to get involved with the iPad2.